We are an Italian company leader in the manufacture and sale of truffles from Abruzzo.

From fresh to frozen, from white to black: the palates are always satisfied with us. We love to share the truffles excellence that we gouged out from our land with those who appreciate the genuine high quality Italian foods at the table.

Truffles of excellent quality from Abruzzo.

Since 2001 we can satisfy your requests for:

  • Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum vitt);
  • Black Winter Truffles (Tuber melanosporum vitt);
  • Burgundy Truffles (Tuber uncinatum);
  • Bianchetti Truffles (Tuber albidum pico);
  • White Truffles (Tuber magnatum pico);
  • special truffle products we produce.

New delights for discerning palates.

To enhance the truffle and accompany your meal, we have created a line of condiments unique taste. Sauces, oil, honey and butter, discover our products with truffles. The satisfaction is guaranteed.

Products customized on final user needs: High quality products to satisfy your palates

We use raw materials of the highest quality from the Abruzzo’s territory and we guarantee excellence of our products. Strictly 100% made in Italy, from the ingredients to processes.

My business was built through the years.

I’ m Fausto De Sanctis, founder and owner of Abruzzo Truffles. I started working with truffles over 20years ago, as a salesman of a company. Then in 2001, I decided to create my own workshop where I produce sauces, oils and other products based on truffles. I created my own sales office too. My activity has specialized in trading and processing truffles.

From the territory of Abruzzo on your tables.

I named my company by the name of my region, Abruzzo, to celebrate the love that binds me to its beauty and gratitude for the generosity of his land. Abruzzo, infact, has always been rich in truffles of various quality, from black to white finest quality. From this land that the truffles are handcrafted in my workshop after being gouged out by the most skilled hunters.


“I want to enhance the gold of my land, truffles, and share with lovers of good flavors and traditions around the world.”

Fausto De Sanctis, owner of Abruzzo Truffles.

Where to find us.

Abruzzo Tartufi is located in Cappelle sul Tavo, a small village in the province of Pescara, which is 10 km from the sea and 30 from the Mountains of the Gran Sasso and Maiella . These are the same mountains together with a pastor, appear on the label of the products, confirming the origins and depth of the connection that unites them in this land.

The region of Abruzzo.

The Italian region of Abruzzo is a unique geographical features . It overlooks the Adriatic Sea but at 60 kilometers from the beaches you can see the highest mountains of the Apennines ( Gran Sasso and Maiella, Italy ). Sea , mountains, hills , historic towns , rivers and lakes make it an ideal region for daytrips that combine different environments very different even within a given day. Abruzzo is also known as the green region of Europe for the large number of parks and protected areas ( 36 % of the region is subjected to environmental protection, first place in Italy ) .

Truffles in Abruzzo.

The climate and soil are particularly suited for the growth of many species of truffles. The black truffle and summer truffle (named “Scorzone”) is collected mainly in the nearby of Aquila and the mountains of Teramo, “Precious White truffle” can be found in the southern part of Chieti and in the valley of Montorio (Teramo). The majority of local production comes from natural truffle field while the production in cultivated truffle field is limited.